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Code: SAVE100 to take $100 off $2,000+ / Code: SAVE50 to take $50 off $1,000+ Orders Today (Exceptions Apply)

About Us


Amid the everyday hustle, there's a serene retreat waiting just beyond your doorstep. At Instant Outdoor Luxury, we believe that the true essence of life lies in those precious moments spent with family, enveloped in the embrace of your own outdoor haven. Our journey is rooted in the passion for crafting such sanctuaries, spaces where families bond, and individuals flourish.

A Vision That Transforms Dreams into Reality

Our vision resonates with the desire to transform outdoor spaces into extraordinary escapes. We're not just about furniture and products; we're about enabling dreams. Our extensive collection ranges from outdoor dining and lounge furniture to the blissful allure of outdoor saunas. It's a spectrum where possibilities meet reality, where imagination takes shape.

Every product, every detail, reflects our aspiration to create an oasis of comfort and togetherness. We envision your laughter echoing around a finely crafted table, the warmth of your loved ones shared by the fireplace, and the rejuvenating experience of an outdoor sauna.

Guided by Passion, Driven by Family

Instant Outdoor Luxury began as a dream nurtured by two brothers in Southern California. Our roots are entwined with the warm sunsets and cool breezes of this region. From the outset, our purpose was clear: to bring the finest outdoor experiences to others, to share the joy of creating spaces that evolve with life's journey.

Where You Belong

Every interaction with us is an encounter with family. Our commitment to customer service extends beyond transactions; it's about understanding your dreams. Whether through a comforting voice over the phone or a helpful chat online, we're here to guide, to listen, and to ensure that your experience with us is exceptional.

And here's our promise: when you choose us, you're choosing more than products. You're embracing a partner that values your aspirations. The moment you step into the world of Instant Outdoor Luxury, you're greeted not just by the allure of our offerings, but by the genuine dedication of a family-driven team.

Because we believe that the joy of life is best experienced outdoors, among those who matter most. Your story is what inspires us, and your journey is our motivation. 

Welcome to a world where luxury meets the whisper of the wind and the laughter of loved ones. Welcome to Instant Outdoor Luxury.

Business Information:

Instant Outdoor Luxury

Address: 333 City Blvd W. Orange, CA 92868 United States

Phone Number(877) 768-8589

Hours: Mon-Sat 8am-6pm PST